What is an API?

An API key allows you to access TED content for use in a web or mobile app. If you’ve never played with an API before you may want to read up before jumping into the TED API.

Can I access the entire TEDTalks library through TED API?

Yes! And we've also included ratings, events, tags, themes, and other interesting stuff for you to play with. Refer to our documentation for questions about implementation. Using your key, you can also see which fields, collections, and attributes are available for a given call by accessing that call’s help.html. For example, for the v1/talks/ call:


What are the different types of API keys?

API keys are free but they come with some restrictions based on the level of key.

Base - the most basic key allows 2 calls per second. To apply for a base key, first register for an account, then log in and complete the application.

Premium - the next level up from Base, this key allows 10 calls per second. To apply for a premium key, you will first need to have registered and implemented the Base API key. When you’re interested in expanding your basic app’s functionality, email api@ted.com to apply. We’re most interested in apps that create a unique TED experience for our community. Apps that duplicate or are similar to official or existing TED apps will not be considered.

Partner - Partner keys allow for businesses, media companies, and other for-profit entities to utilize TED content on non-commercial platforms, intranet systems or subscription services. These uses will require you to secure a license agreement from TED. If you’re not sure if you qualify for a Partner Key, please refer to a list of some current distribution partners or email api[@]ted.com with your questions.

Can I put the TED logo on what I create with the TED API?

Unfortunately not -- the TED logo is licensed to TED Conferences LLC. The logo helps our community distinguish between apps that are officially created by TED and those created by TED API developers.

Please refer to our branding guidelines for more information.

May I edit content that I can access through TED API?

Nope. Our Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license states that "derivative works" of any kind (edits, cuts, re-mixes, mashups, etc) are not allowed. If you discover edited or modified versions of TED Talks distributed online or used elsewhere, please let us know by emailing api[@]ted.com.

What can I build with the TED API?

Let your imagination guide you! Just be sure to follow our API Terms of Use.