Welcome to TEDLabs

Let the radical openness begin!

TED is thrilled to issue an Open Call to developers everywhere to throw their “hack” into the ring to be among the first individuals around the world to participate in our new API program.

If history is any guide, we will be surprised, humbled and delighted by what you create. If you are a passionate digital artist, designer, coder, and creator with a passion for TED, submit your application to be among the first TED API ambassadors.

Follow these simple steps, and tell us: What will you build?
We’re opening the entire library – over 1,000 TEDTalks – for you to invent new ways to spread ideas that we could never have imagined. We’re also exposing tags, themes, ratings and more for you to create mash-ups and visualizations that share TED with the world.
Interested? We’re looking for developers who will set the high water mark for imagination and execution. Review the Terms and get a key. If you find yourself hitting the rate limits, let us know. Our team will review submissions on a rolling basis.